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April at Bohemian Beat


New Art at Bohemian Beat

Bohemian Beat has some new pieces in for First Friday tomorrow. These four new pieces by Jolyn Frazier will be on display, in addition to pieces by other artists.

Come down and check it out from 6pm-10pm! Also for anybody looking to promote anything, we have a new community board for flyers and junk! Also be on the lookout for some sweet new handmade goods next month. We’ll keep you posted.

January First Friday at Bohemian Beat Video

Ryan’s birthday was celebrated and a good time was had by all as Clinton Switzer played a live set in the gallery. Special thanks to Jon Carson for the video handy work!

February First Friday at Bohemian Beat

Bohemian Beat

Some photos of Bohemian Beat gallery at Holgas #6…

Don't be afraid to make your way up the stairs!

Wall of junk! Some for sale, some not.

Pieces by Jolyn Frazier, a Bohemian Beat favorite, and charcoal works by Julie Cayron.

"Gothic Treasures" Hand-decorated by Katherine McClain from $8-$12 every First Friday