Downtown Phoenix Culture Hub

For Rent

Holgas is seeking new neighbors! Units are available for $550 per month including all utilites except electric, and can be utilized as living space, gallery space, or somewhere in between! Each unit has its own variable charm. If you’re interested in being a part of a historic community in the downtown Phoenix area, give us a call at 602 – 487 – 5134, and come on by to have a look for yourself!

If you like being close to neighborhood attractions, here are a few within walking distance!

The Burton Barr Library
The Farmers Market
The Phoenix Art Museum
Deck Park
The Roosevelt Tavern
Carly’s Bistro
The Lost Leaf
Tammy Coe Cafe
The Community Garden
Matt’s Big Breakfast
The Eye Lounge
Made Boutique
The Bunky Boutique
The Herberger Theater
The Dodge Theater
Symphony Hall
The Arizona Center
U.S. Airways Arena
Chase Field
The Light Rail
AMC 24 Theaters
and many more…

Applications are now being accepted!

Call 602 – 487 – 5134

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